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Setting Myself Free, Again

I am stuck and need to unstick myself. Fear is the glue that has words and sentences and thoughts stuck together in my OneNote app where I write whatever I want to write. There I am free to be free, for the most part. I am only partially blocked there, but am becoming fully blocked…

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Living Fearlessly: Conscious Inaction

I love that being fearless is all the rage. Finally, what used to be considered unstable, erratic or irresponsible is now bold and fierce. Apparently living fearlessly for many people is how I’ve lived most of my life. I have never had a problem quitting jobs, significantly altering my life and taking bold leaps of…

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A Moment In Time Shared With My Son

Silence intertwines around and between seagulls lined up on the arm of a streetlight arching overhead as I sat in traffic. The still of a moment shared with my son. Quietly, invisibly, sitting on a cool, grey and dreary weekday morning as steam rose from exhaust pipes of cars on their way to another day,…

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Writing: Finding Our Personal Voice

“Thanks for putting yourself out there.” This begins an email from the Elephant Journal letting me know that they have not chosen to use my submission. They continue, “I crave more of your personal voice here” and suggest that I edit and resubmit it. I love the Elephant Journal, partly because of their topics, their…


Love and Spilled Hot Chocolate

Written January 3, 2016 A child just dropped a hot cocoa. It’s a snowy day. The only snow we’ll probably see this year in our part of the country. It’s a joyful day. Children outside with their plastic sleds and garbage bags gleefully sliding down gentle slopes of snow barely covering the grass. This is the…


Hope Until There’s Joy

Living in joy and fulfillment is a new occurrence in my life. As if I had unknowingly been carrying around a back-pack full of bricks and it just fell off, I wouldn’t have known until the shedding of the weight that it was there at all.